KIM II – Stockpile

Stockpile Palm Kernel Shells located at Kawasan Industri Medan II (KIM-II), Deli Serdang, North Sumatera.

Stockpile Warehouse

Stockpile Warehouse was built upon an area of 1 Hectare empty land, which overall comprises of full concrete flooring, together with 4 sided high rise walls with full roofing protection against wind and rain, with complete drainage system installed. Storage capacity of 14,000 metric tons - 16,000 metric tons.

Weighing Bridge

Electronic weighing bridge in warehouse area with maximum weighing capacity of 50 metric ton.

Screening Machine

Screening machine with capacity of 60 metric ton / hour of processing, which comprises of dual mesh wire with the width of 3.5cm and 2.5cm respectively, and also dual magnetic fields with the former located at initial conveyor belt area, and also right below the second hopper after the vibrating screen process.

Bucket Loader

Bucket loaders are specifically designed and built to ensure the consistent flow of loading of PKS onto the mother vessel at the port.

Strategic location and distance to the port.

Distance between the warehouse to Belawan port is about ± 15KM, with most of the journey consisting of highway drive.

24 Hours 7 Days CCTV Security Surveillance

The warehouse is equipped with active surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day.