Empty Fruit Bunch

Empty Fruit Bunch


Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is the by-product acquired from either palm plantation when the palm fruit are overripe, and fall on their own from the EFB, or the residue during Crude Palm Oil (CPO) manufacturing process where the Palm Fruit Bunches are sterilized then the Palm Fruits are removed from the Fruit Bunches using the tool called Threshing Drum. For every 1 Metric Ton of Palm Fruit Bunches, there will be about 23% - 24% of EFB produced or about 230kg – 240kg.


Various uses of EFB is as of below:

  • One of the options as Biomass Energy Resources in replacement of diesel and steam coal to power the steam boiler power plant.
  • Main ingredient to be turned into organic fertilizer.
  • Main ingredient in Bioethanol manufacture.


We have always delivered the highest quality EFB possible to all of our customers.

Standard EFB specifications range as of below:

  • Length between 1cm up to 15cm after extracting remaining oil content within the EFB
  • Moisture Content between 40% - 45%
  • Impurities less than 3%
  • Gross Calorific Value (GCV) 2,200 K Cal / Kg