Palm Press Fiber

Palm Press Fiber


Palm Press Fiber (PPF) is the by-product or residue produced during the process of acquiring the Crude Palm Oil (CPO) from the Palm Fruit with the method of screw-press. It has fibrous nature and has color ranging from deep yellow to light brownish. For every 1 Metric Ton of Palm Fruit process, there will be about 12% - 13% of PPF produced or about 120kg – 130kg.


Various uses of PPF is as of below:

  • One of the options as Biomass Energy Resources in replacement of diesel and steam coal to power the steam boiler power plant.
  • Part of ingredients in pulp and paper industry.
  • One of the key ingredients to enhance soil fertility.
  • A medium in removing unwanted impurities in Palm Acid Oil (PAO)
  • Possibility as part of ingredients to enhance the resistance of fiberglass produced (in study and research phase).


We have always delivered the highest quality PPF possible to all of our customers.

Standard PPF specifications range as of below:

  • Length between 5cm up to 15cm
  • Moisture Content between 35% - 45%
  • Ash Content less than 8%
  • Impurities less than 3%
  • Gross Calorific Value (GCV) about 2,500 K Cal/Kg