PT. Samudera Sawit Subur


Every company has its own humble beginning, and we are no exception too. Established in 2010, we began our first operation by acquiring Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) from Palm Oil Mills (POM) with radius less than 100km from Medan, North Sumatera, and with our first client hailing from Medan, North Sumatera, we rented our first small office space in Medan too.

From 2011 onwards, as demand for PKS grew in replacement of Steam Coal to power the steam boilers surrounding Medan Industrial Areas (Kawasan Industri Medan), we expanded our operational scope to Aceh province.

From 2012, our operational scope has grown to Riau Province in order to acquire sufficient PKS to sustain the continuous growth demand in Medan. As of 2012, our company has established business relationships with more than 100 POM.

On 2013, we were in talk with our major buyers, who have factories in Riau province on replacing their steam coal power plant with PKS, and it was realised in a matter of one-year time.

On 2014, due to massive growth in demand for PKS leading to substantial increase in market pricing, some of our buyers decided to shift to the use of Palm Press Fiber (PPF) and Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), and our service was called for once again to supply them with those replacements.

On 2015, with clients hailing from North Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi, we decided to move our headquarter office to Jakarta, and with main branch office being in Medan.

On 2017, with the request of our clients, we expanded further into West Sumatera Province and Bengkulu Province, with the demand for our clients at Teluk Bayur factories.

On 2019, we expanded our operational scope further into Palembang, South Sumatera and Lampung province.

On 2020, we expanded further into the Java Island and Kalimantan Island, as the need for PKS Consumption of our current buyers arise.

History Timeline PT. Samudera Sawit Subur